Samsung working on world's first truly bezel-less phone

                                                    Image credit: LETSGODIGITAL

Samsung's major focus has been on the design of their phones in the past few years. The Note Edge, Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 8 are proof of the company's obsession of experimenting with the display and design of their smartphones. The company is currently working on a foldable smartphone codenamed Galaxy X which could launch in the upcoming year along with a Samsung flip phone. That's not all. Reportedly, the company is also working on a truly bezel-less smartphone - a smartphone with no notch, no top, bottom and side bezels. Only the display on the front fascia.

A Dutch website LETSGODIGITAL has spotted a series of WIPO (World International Property Office) Samsung patents which talks about how the company wants to build a pure bezel-less phone. One of the patents dated May 2017 details on how the company will build a zero-bezel smartphone by bending the display 180 degrees and stretching it up to the back of the phone.

The concept image shared by LETSGODIGITAL reveals that the phone would look simply stunning with such display. Samsung says that the 180 degrees display will offer a better grip on the phone. We can also expect some better functionalities in this phone like the edge gestures, in-display fingerprint sensors and a better Iris scanner which Samsung is already working on. We are also curious to know the placement of the front camera in such a case. It is unclear of when the company could bring such a phone to the table as it already has its hand full with several smartphones for year 2018.