Skype Insider // Sneak peek at a UX refresh for Android

Microsoft is excited to share some exciting experimental mobile designs with you. 

Here’s what we’ve cooked up for this holiday season! 

New Android Design

In Skype version 8.13 for iPhone, Microsoft launched a new design that brings back a bottom bar to streamline navigation and simplify access to Skype’s core features. During user testing, they shared this design along with the design that is currently in market with a variety of Android users.

The majority of Android users expressed preference for the version with a bottom bar. Based on this interest, they decided to run with this approach and created an experimental version of Skype for Android that: 
  • Adheres to Google’s Material Design guidelines for bottom bar navigation
  • Brings back a contextual FAB for quick access to key actions 
  • Has an updated header & search icon to feel more at home on Android 
initial testing pool was quite small, so they wanted to share these new changes with all of you! What do you think? Does it allow you to be more efficient with what you need to achieve in Skype? 

"This design should now be live in your app with the latest update, and we’d love to get your feedback!", said Microsoft.

SuperComposer for iOS and Android

They are also introducing a new experience we’re calling the “SuperComposer”. When you tap the compose (either the compose FAB on Android or the compose button on iOS) on the main chats list, you’ll invoke a new screen that includes your recent contact list, as well as easy access to actions including new group, search bots, add contact, invite to Skype, and make a call.

Our goal here is to create a utilitarian experience that allows you to quickly get things done in Skype. We’d also love to hear what you think about this new composer!